• Vitesco Technologies Developing Robust SiC Power Modules

    Vitesco Technologies Developing Robust SiC Power Modules

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    Vitesco Technologies is developing a power module which will be manufactured using transfer molding process. During this process the power electronics are sealed under a dielectric material that protects the components extremely well. The result is a very robust, cost effective and reliable electronic. The power module consists of three overmolded half-bridges and forms the core of an inverter system, which controls both the drive energy and the energy recovery (recuperation) in high-voltage electric vehicles. 

    Manufactured at the Nuremberg electronics plant, the power modules will be delivered to a large global car maker from mid-2025 onwards.

    Vitesco Technologies has been adapting and utilizing transfer molding technology since 2020, first applying it to compact Transmission Control Units designed for full integration inside a gear box. 

    The overmold power modules now combine highly efficient state-of-the art silicon carbide (SiC) chip technology with overmolding to facilitate a particularly robust product with increased power density, lower cost and reduced weight.

    These power modules are a good example of strategic approach of using the scalability and modularity of our power electronics to develop and manufacture submodules in addition to the complete electronics. Combined with extensive overmolding expertise, Vitesco can deliver an extremely robust product to our customers. This is yet another example of how the company successfully transfers proven technology to an electrification product.

    • Thomas Stierle, member of the board and head of Vitesco Technologies’ Electrification Solutions division

    Vitesco Technologies has extensive expertise in power electronics and is already on the market with its fourth generation. The newly developed overmold power module expands the company’s strategic portfolio.

    A very deep system competence is necessary to ensure that a sub-module of this kind, which forms the core of the inverter, can be successfully integrated into the full system. Our degree of electronics modularity and scalability enables us to offer more flexibility in terms of customer-specific interfaces.

    • Michael Horbel, head of product and platform management high voltage inverter at Vitesco Technologies

    Vitesco Technologies will continue to use this strength to bring further electronic sub-modules to the market. 

    The lead plant for these modules is Vitesco Technologies’ Nuremberg site. With its existing competencies and experience, the plant offers a high degree of automation as well as the focus on electronics and e-mobility required for the power modules. This is a further step forward into the “Plant of the Future” concept, defined for the Nuremberg plant to maintain its international competitiveness.

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  • Magnachip Introduced New 1200V and 650V IGBTs

    Magnachip Introduced New 1200V and 650V IGBTs

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    Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation announced the launch of its 1200V and 650V Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs), designed for the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters of electric vehicles (EVs).

    Built upon Magnachip’s cutting-edge Field Stop Trench technology, the newly introduced AMBQ40T120RFRTH (1200V) and AMBQ40T65PHRTH (650V) offer a minimum short-circuit withstand time of 10µs. This remarkable level of ruggedness enables PTC heaters to be protected from a permanent failure in the event of overcurrent conditions.

    Furthermore, the thick and large heat sink of the TO-247 package allows these new IGBTs to excel in heat dissipation. Therefore, these IGBTs are well-suited for applications requiring high power and efficiency, such as both the upper and lower sides of power management integrated circuits of PTC heaters.

    “Since early last year, Magnachip has released high-performance automotive power solutions that adhere to the stringent AEC-Q101 standards,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “Now that we have successfully released our first IGBT products for EVs, we will continue to expand our product lineup to meet the diverse needs of the EV market and cater to the demands of our valued customers.”

    New IGBTs for EV PTC heaters

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  • Axcelis Announced $200 Million Additional Funding for Share Repurchase Program

    Axcelis Announced $200 Million Additional Funding for Share Repurchase Program

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    Axcelis Technologies, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has authorized additional funding of $200 million for the Company’s share repurchase program. The purchases are funded from available working capital.

    “We are pleased to announce our Board’s approval of additional funding for our share repurchase program,” stated President and CEO Russell Low. “From 2019 through the second quarter of this year, we have returned over $157 million of cash to shareholders via stock repurchases. The additional funding will maintain our program when the Board’s prior funding is exhausted later this year. The strength of our business model and significant cash flow generation enable us to continue investing for the long term, while also returning cash to our shareholders.”

    Repurchases of the Company’s common stock will be made from time to time under the SEC’s Rule 10b-18, subject to market conditions. These shares may be purchased in the open market or through privately negotiated transactions. The Company may from time to time enter into Rule 10b5-1 trading plans to facilitate the repurchase of its common stock pursuant to its share repurchase program. The Company has no obligation to repurchase shares under the authorization. The Company may suspend or discontinue the repurchase program at any time.

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  • centrotherm Supplies Horizontal Equipment to Renesas to expand 300 mm Power Semiconductors Fab

    centrotherm Supplies Horizontal Equipment to Renesas to expand 300 mm Power Semiconductors Fab

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    Two cluster tools of centrotherm’s new generation horizontal furnace c.HORICOO 300 will be integrated into Renesas’ 300 mm wafer production line in Kofu, Japan (Yamanashi Prefecture). Renesas Electronics Corporation is one of the global leading semiconductor manufacturers headquartered in Japan, that provides microcontrollers, analog devices and power semiconductors for automotive and industrial applications. Renesas is the first manufacturer in Japan to use the fully automated, high-throughput production solution in mass production.

    The 8-tube cluster c.HORICOO 300 is designed for oxidation and annealing processes on 300 mm silicon wafers. With its fully automated wafer and boat handling, the system offers a reduction in total cost of ownership of up to 50% compared to vertical furnace solutions with a significant improvement in yield. After the market launch and evaluation phase in 2018, the high-throughput system cluster is already integrated in the production lines of well-known European customers. Due to the sales success at Renesas, we expect a pull effect with Japanese power-semiconductor device makers as well as with the leading Asian manufacturers.

    From 2024, Renesas will start production of its new generation IGBTs at its Kofu fab. This is where transistors for the next generation of inverters for electric vehicles are produced, which are expected to achieve considerable savings in battery power and thus significantly increase the driving range.

    “The c.HORICOO 300 is an important component for the expansion of our power semiconductor fab for 300-mm wafers. centrotherm is one of the leading suppliers of thermal process technology for the semiconductor industry, and we look forward to deepening our relationship as well as collaborating in the coming years,” said Kojiro Horita, Senior Director of Power Device Project Office, Production and Technology Unit, Renesas Electronics Corporation.

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