• Axcelis Ships Purion H200 SiC Power Series Implanter to Wolfspeed

    Axcelis Ships Purion H200 SiC Power Series Implanter to Wolfspeed

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    Axcelis Technologies, Inc. announced a shipment of a Purion H200 SiC ion implant system to Wolfspeed. The evaluation system will be used to support the production of power devices for electric vehicle (EV) applications.

    President and CEO Dr. Russell Low of Axcelis commented, “The power device market continues to grow rapidly and is a key driver of our growth globally. We are pleased to continue to support Wolfspeed’s fab capacity expansion and are also excited about the potential of this new opportunity focused on high current implant applications in silicon carbide power devices.”

    “The popularity of electric vehicles is only steepening, and Wolfspeed is focused on scaling our capacity to meet the surge in demand for our silicon carbide devices. We partnered with Axcelis due to their expertise, highly differentiated features, and process control capabilities that are essential for power device applications,” said Missy Stigall, Wolfspeed senior vice president of global fab operations. “Together, we will work to ease supply chain constraints as more and more EVs utilizing Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide technology are introduced to the market.”

    Wolfspeed is currently engaged in a $6.5 billion capacity expansion effort to dramatically increase production. This includes the John Palmour Manufacturing Center for Silicon Carbide, the world’s largest Silicon Carbide crystal growth facility currently under construction in North Carolina, and the final build-out of the company’s Mohawk Valley Fab in New York. Earlier this year the company also announced its plans to build a highly automated, cutting-edge 200mm wafer fabrication facility in Saarland, Germany.

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  • onsemi Secures $1.95B in Supply Agreements with Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturers

    onsemi Secures $1.95B in Supply Agreements with Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturers

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    onsemi announced it has secured $1.95B in long-term supply agreements (LTSAs) for its intelligent power technologies with leading global manufacturers of solar inverters, contributing to onsemi’s position as the number one power semiconductor supplier in this rapidly growing market.

    By offering superior die technology with optimized and customized module design and packaging, onsemi enables solar inverter providers to compete on time-to-market, product development, supply resilience and robust quality assurance. With these benefits, the company has signed LTSAs with eight of the top 10 solar inverter suppliers, emphasizing the reputation onsemi has earned as a trusted industry partner.

    “Solar power has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets and offers the most cost-competitive source for large-scale renewable energy installations,” said Asif Jakwani senior vice president and general manager, Advanced Power Division, Power Solutions Group, onsemi. “With onsemi’s intelligent power technologies, customers can achieve greater efficiency and power density to capture and save as much energy from the sun as possible to advance our common mission towards a more sustainable future.”

    Solar inverters convert Direct Current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels to grid-compatible Alternating Current (AC). In the conversion process, some energy is lost as heat. onsemi’s technology enables solar inverters – ranging from utility to residential – applications to be smaller, lighter, and more efficient, which minimizes energy loss and can reduce the overall system cost.

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  • Infineon Extends Product Portfolio with OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs

    Infineon Extends Product Portfolio with OptiMOS™ Power MOSFETs

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    A small footprint of discrete power MOSFETs plays a critical role in achieving space savings, cost reduction, and easy-to-design applications. Additionally, higher power density can lead to layout routing flexibility and overall system size reduction. By expanding the current PQFN 2×2 portfolio with the new best-in-class OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs, Infineon Technologies AG offers benchmark solutions optimized for efficiency and performance in a small footprint. The new products are ideal for applications like synchronous rectification in switched mode power supplies (SMPS) for servers, telecom, and portable- and wireless chargers. Additional applications also include electric speed controllers for small brushless motors in drones.

    The new OptiMOS 6 40 V and OptiMOS 5 25 V and 30 V power MOSFETs further optimize the proven OptiMOS technology for high-performance designs. They offer leading-edge silicon technology, package reliability, and superior thermal resistance (R thJC, max = 3.2 K/W) in the ultra-small PQFN 2×2 mm² package. The new devices combine industry-leading low on-resistance R DS(on) with industry-leading figures of merit (FOMs, Q G and Q OSS) for outstanding dynamic switching performance. As a result, MOSFETs with ultra-low switching and reduced conduction losses ensure optimal energy efficiency and power density, all while simplifying thermal management.

    With the compact PQFN 2×2 mm² package outline, the OptiMOS power switches enable an improved system form factor with smaller, more flexible geometric outlines for end-user applications. The MOSFETs facilitate reliable system design with less need for paralleling, significantly reducing space and system cost.

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