Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company, announced production of 100 mm diameter single-crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates with 99% usable area, based on current requirements for UVC LEDs. This improved quality is steadily approaching that of Crystal IS’ existing 2-inch substrates used in the production of its UVC LEDs. The ultra-wide bandgap and high thermal conductivity of AlN helps improve device reliability and performance in both UVC LEDs and other next generation RF and power devices.

“The improvement of our large diameter substrate quality over the last nine months showcases the expertise of our team in aluminum nitride innovation,” said Eoin Connolly, President and CEO of Crystal IS. “The inherent benefits of aluminum nitride are unlocking new applications in RF and power devices—we are excited to work with our partners to further develop this material to meet their needs.”

This achievement follows the company’s announcement of the first ever recorded 100 mm diameter in August 2023, which won an excellence award at Semiconductor of the Year in electronic materials for the Semiconductors Category. The Semiconductor of the Year Awards are organized by Electronic Device Industry News, an industry journal published in Tokyo by SangyoTimes Inc.

Crystal IS manufactures bulk aluminum nitride substrates at its headquarters in Green Island, New York and began selling 2-inch diameter substrates for research and development in RF and power devices in late 2023. This 100 mm diameter milestone accelerates the development of new applications on aluminum nitride substrates as it integrates into existing fabrication lines for power and RF devices using alternative materials. The company plans to offer 100 mm diameter substrates manufactured in its US facility to key partners this year as they expand their focus beyond UVC LEDs.

Original – Crystal IS