DACO Semiconductor has developed new platforms of Power MOSFET products called Standard HV Power MOSFETs and High Performance HV Power MOSFETs that cover 900V and 1200V range. Those HV MOSFETs are designed with a proprietary chip design and undergo process improvements that dramatically enhance the power handling capability and system efficiency.

High Performance HV Power MOSFETs product family integrates a faster body diode which reverse recovery time (trr) is reduced to suite phase-shift bridge motor control and uninterruptible power supply applications (UPS).

Both standard HV Power MOSFETs and High Performance HV Power MOSFETs include a wide product line and bring the benefits of enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness to key market applications in the mid-voltage range.

Example applications are offline switch-mode power supplies of all sizes, UPS and telecommunication applications. DACO Semiconductor offers a superior market standard SOT-227 and HB-9434 (34mm) packages. Others packages like discrete TO-247 and 62mm modules are under development.


  • International Standard Packages             
  • Dynamic dv/dt Rating
  • Avalanche Rated
  • Fast Intrinsic Rectifier
  • Low reverse recovery time trr


  • Switch-Mode and Resonant-Mode Power Supplies
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Battery Chargers
  • UPS
  • AC Motor Drives
  • High Speed Power Switching Applications

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