Diotec Semiconductor introduced SIT10C065 and SIT12C065 650 V single diodes in TO-220AC package. They offer 10 A and 12 A of average forward current. Both are ideally suited for high voltage / high frequency switching circuits, such as Power Factor Correction (PFC), high efficient solar inverters or data server power supplies.

Both devices feature a high reverse voltage of 650 V combined with an extremely low “reverse recovery” capacitive charge and thus discharging time. That makes it ideally suited for all applications, where high voltage levels are switched at very high frequencies.


  • High reverse voltage
  • Almost zero switching losses
  • Low reverse leakage current
  • High efficiency high frequency switching
  • Single diodes in industry standard case outline


  • Solar inverters
  • Data server power supplies
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)


  • 10 A /12 A average forward current (IFAV)
  • 650 V repetitive reverse voltage (VRRM)
  • Typical forward voltage 1.7 V at 10 A and 175°C (VF)
  • Typical forward voltage 1.75 V at 12 A and 175°C (VF)
  • Typical reverse leakage 20 µA at 650 V and 175°C (IR)
  • Total capacitive charge 28 nC at 400 V, 10 A, 200 A/µs [QC)
  • TO-220AC case outline

Original – Diotec Semiconductor