MCC Semi launched the components engineered to satisfy the diverse requirements of demanding applications: eight low-profile Schottky barrier rectifiers with a common cathode configuration, low forward voltage, and countless possibilities.

A sleek and compact TO-263AC package delivers a typical height of only 1.7mm, translating to compatibility with the popular D2PAK footprint and seamless integration into existing designs.

Engineered to reduce power losses and optimize performance you can count on, these components are available in working voltage ranges from 45V to 200V and a forward current of 20A to 30A per device.  

Ideal for freewheeling diodes, switch-mode power supplies, motor controls, and many other rugged applications, MCC’s selection of Schottky barrier rectifiers is a go-to solution when space is limited, but expectations are not.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low forward voltage design minimizes power losses
  • Low-profile TO-263AC package with a typical height of 1.7mm for space-saving performance
  • Compatible with the popular D2PAK footprint for added versatility
  • Wide working voltage range from 45V to 200V
  • Forward current options of 20A and 30A per device

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