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  • Fuji Electric Releases the 3rd-Generation IPMs

    Fuji Electric Releases 3rd-Generation IPMs

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    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the P633C Series 3rd-generation small IPMs, which help reduce the power consumption of the equipment on which it is mounted, such as home appliances and machine tools.

    IPMs (intelligent power modules) are power semiconductors equipped with a built-in IGBT drive circuit and protection function. They are used for applications including inverters and servo systems. Inverters and servo systems control machine operation by controlling voltage and frequency through power semiconductor switching (turning electricity on and off), but power semiconductors generate power loss and electromagnetic noise during switching.

    This product can reduce both the power loss and the electromagnetic noise generated during switching. Using this product in inverters for home appliances or servo systems for machine tools can reduce the power consumption of the equipment on which it is mounted, thereby contributing to the achievement of a decarbonized society.

    One way to reduce the power loss that occurs during switching is to speed up the switching operation. Faster switching increases electromagnetic noise, which can cause peripheral devices to malfunction. This product uses the latest 7th-generation IGBT/FWD chips, achieving a 10% reduction of power loss and a reduction of electromagnetic noise to approximately 1/3 compared with conventional products. The trade-off characteristics between power loss and noise are among the best in the industry.

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