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  • Allegro MicroSystems Launches Second Product in its HV Power Portfolio

    Allegro MicroSystems Launches Second Product in its HV Power Portfolio

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    Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announced the launch of the second product in its High Voltage Power portfolio. Allegro’s AHV85111 isolated gate-driver IC adds critical safety features while simplifying the design of high-power energy conversion systems for e-Mobility and clean energy applications, including OBC/DCDC, solar inverter and datacenter power supply.

    “Allegro continues to build upon the technology from our acquisitions in order to expand our High Voltage Power portfolio aimed at  helping designers achieve their efficiency and power density needs in clean energy and e-Mobility systems,” said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President and General Manager for High Voltage Power at Allegro. “The bipolar-output of our latest device improves noise immunity and significantly simplifies high-frequency power-converter designs.”

    Building upon Allegro’s existing power-thru technology, the AHV85111 was designed to meet designer demands for a simple, streamlined and safe solution. The AHV85111 gate driver adds bipolar-output, a critical feature that significantly improves time to market by eliminating the need to design a complicated negative isolated DC power supply and removing unnecessary external components.

    Allegro’s newest power-thru solution also adds crucial safety features that were designed to protect against high operating temperatures in electric powertrain systems, as well as reactions to noisy environments that may be present in microinverters in solar applications, power supply in datacenter applications or on-board chargers for electric vehicles.

    The AHV85111 gate driver packs all the benefits of Allegro’s power-thru technology, including 10x lower common-mode capacitance, a 50% smaller footprint, 10x noise reduction and a 50% efficiency improvement compared to competitor offerings, while also providing overtemperature protection that further improves the robustness of system.

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  • Transphorm and Allegro MicroSystems Team Up to Increase GaN Power System Performance

    Transphorm and Allegro MicroSystems Team Up to Increase GaN Power System Performance

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    Transphorm, Inc. and Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announced a collaboration including Transphorm’s SuperGaN® FETs and Allegro’s AHV85110 Isolated Gate Driver to enable the expansion of GaN power system design for high power applications.

    Transphorm’s SuperGaN FETs are designed to work in various topologies and are available in several different packages to support a wide power range while also satisfying diverse end application requirements. SuperGaN FETs are used in multiple commercial products, including higher power systems where they are proven to notably increase reliability, power density, and efficiency.

    Allegro’s self-powered, single-channel isolated gate driver IC is optimized for driving GaN FETs in multiple applications and circuits. The AHV85110 is proven to enhance driver efficiency by as much as 50% compared to competitive gate drivers. This unique solution greatly simplifies the system design, reduces noise by 10x and common mode capacitance by 15 times compared to other solutions in the market.

    “Allegro’s AHV85110 High Voltage Gate Driver provides a highly compact and efficient power stage implementation that helps to achieve an approximate 30 percent footprint reduction with the least number of external components and bias supply requirements around Transphorm’s power devices,” said Tushar Dhayagude, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and FAE, Transphorm.

    “Combined with SuperGaN’s highest reliability and superior dynamic switching performance over competing technologies, the end result is a more efficient, more robust solution with increased power density in critical applications such as server, data centers, renewables and electric vehicles.”

    “We are excited about working with Transphorm on a collaboration that further supports Allegro’s focus towards helping customers optimize GaN-based system development and design,” said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President and General Manager of High Voltage Power, Allegro MicroSystems. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to combine our high voltage isolated gate driver AHV85110 with Transphorm’s SuperGaN FET to enable higher power density, higher efficiency, and higher power output in smaller form factors and provide value to both our and Transphorm’s customers.”

    Those interested in testing the collaborative solution can do so via Allegro’s APEK85110KNH-06-T evaluation board. The board incorporates both the AHV85110 designed to work in various applications along with Transphorm’s recently announced TOLL packageavailable in three devices with on-resistances of 35, 50, and 72 milliohms.

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