SK siltron announced the signing of an agreement with the city of Gumi and the Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry that will help foster the next generation of semiconductor professionals in the Gumi region through the “Semiconductor School” program.

The signing ceremony took place at the Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry on May 7, and was attended by the Director of Gumi’s Economy & Industry Bureau, Yoo Kyung-sook; Secretary-General of the Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jang Dong-ki; and External Cooperation Director for SK siltron, Cho Kyung-chul. The tri-party partnership between SK siltron, Gumi, and the Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry will educate approximately 2,700 students from 12 high schools in Gumi to become future semiconductor professionals.

In July of last year, the Korean government designated several “specialized semiconductor complexes” to reinforce the security of semiconductor supply networks and the national economy. Gumi has the only specialized semiconductor complex outside of the Seoul area. The new Semiconductor School will familiarize students with Gumi’s specialized semiconductor complex, which supplies semiconductor essentials such as wafers and substrates.

Students will also be provided with lessons about the present and future of the semiconductor industry, and semiconductor processes and technologies. Students will also enjoy support with choosing their career path, as they will be able to take advantage of study and work opportunities in Gumi’s semiconductor industry. The SK siltron Semiconductor School is an advanced arm of the SK siltron-run Wafer School, a program which introduces elementary and middle school students to the world of semiconductors. The Wafer School has been running since 2019.

Enlistment of high schools to participate in the SK siltron Semiconductor School has taken place since April this year with the support of Gumi’s Office of Education. SK siltron staff and local university students majoring in semiconductors will be trained to become lecturers for the Semiconductor School. Approximately 100 classes are scheduled to be given at selected Gumi high schools between July and September.

“As Gumi is a designated specialized semiconductor complex, we will be able to foster local semiconductor professionals who can help Gumi’s semiconductor industry grow into one of the biggest industries in the region,” said Yoo Kyung-sook, Director of Gumi’s Economy & Industry Bureau.

“The SK siltron Semiconductor School is of monumental significance to Gumi, as SK siltron is a semiconductor company based in the city,” said Jang Dong-ki, Secretary-General of the Gumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “We will provide our full support for the growth of all semiconductor companies in the Gumi region.”

Since 2019, SK siltron has run its Wafer School for some 9,300 elementary and middle school students in Korea to introduce them to semiconductors as a possible career. The Wafer School imparts basic knowledge of semiconductors and wafers, and supports interested students in exploring career options in the industry. This year, the Wafer School has been in session for around 2,900 students from 17 middle schools in Gumi since April.

Original – SK siltron