Ideal Power Inc. received a purchase order from a global leader in power semiconductor and power electronics solutions. The customer purchased B-TRAN™ devices and a circuit breaker evaluation board and is collaborating with Ideal Power on a solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB) design in connection with its launch of a multi-year DC power distribution system program.

For SSCB applications, B-TRAN™ technology has clear advantages for SSCBs, providing dramatically lower conduction losses, lower costs, and bidirectionality compared to electromechanical breakers and IGBT and silicon carbide MOSFET-based SSCBs.

“We are excited to collaborate with global leaders interested in B-TRAN™ as an enabling technology for SSCBs,” said Dan Brdar, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Power. “This specific customer presents multiple opportunities for us as they address several of our target markets including SSCBs, industrial and grid infrastructure and renewable energy.”

Ideal Power’s patented semiconductor power switch, B-TRAN™, can reduce power losses by 50% or more over conventional power switches, depending on the application. B-TRAN™’s higher efficiency results in less heat being generated and therefore significantly lower thermal management requirements, requiring significantly smaller surface area to dissipate heat and giving rise to potentially smaller original equipment manufacturer products.

B-TRAN™ offers the industry’s only symmetric bidirectional operation, reducing the number of components required for an application by 75% compared to a conventional bidirectional switch utilizing IGBTs and diodes. This highly efficient and unique symmetric operation provides a strong competitive advantage in bidirectional applications, which are growing rapidly as transportation electrifies and power generation shifts to renewable energy coupled with energy storage.

Original – Ideal Power