Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched two bipolar transistors “TTA2097 and TTC5886A” (with SC-63 package: Toshiba’s nickname is New PW-Mold), suitable for gate drive circuits in power devices, current switches in consumer equipment and industrial equipment, and LED drive circuits. The collector-emitter voltage rating and collector current (DC) rating of TTA2097 is -50 V/-5 A and that of TTC5886A is 50 V/5 A.

The new products TTA2097 and TTC5886A use small surface-mount type SC-63 package. Compared with Toshiba’s existing products with the same package, the new products have changed the wire material from gold to copper while the ratings and electrical characteristics are equivalent. This contributes to the reduction of environmental impacts. It is also easy to replace Toshiba’s existing products.

Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of products that help reduce environmental impact.


Consumer equipment and industrial equipment

  • Gate drive circuits for power devices
  • Current switches
  • LED drive circuits, etc.


  • Use of copper wire materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Large collector current (DC) rating:
    IC=-5 A (TTA2097)
    IC=5 A (TTC5886A)
  • Small surface-mount type SC-63 package: 
    6.5 mm × 9.5 mm (typ.), t=2.3 mm (typ.)

Original – Toshiba