Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation announced that the Company has begun mass production of two new 650V Super Junction Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (SJ MOSFETs) offerings.

These two 650V SJ MOSFETs (MMUB65R090RURH, MMUB65R115RURH) utilize an innovative PDFN88 package, which significantly reduces their thickness and size. The thickness has been reduced by approximately 81% compared to D2PAK products and 63% compared to DPAK products, while the overall footprint has been reduced to about 41% of D2PAK SJ MOSFETs.

These new SJ MOSFETs — upgraded by the PDFN88 package — offer excellent design flexibility, efficient heat dissipation, and low RDS(on) (the resistance value between the drain and the source of MOSFETs during on-state operation) characteristics. As a result, they are well-suited for various applications that require compact size and high efficiency, such as OLED TVs, servers, lighting products, laptop chargers and adapters.

New 650V SJ MOSFETs in a PDFN88 package

“Magnachip will continue to develop high-performance power solutions enhanced by new packaging technology, building upon the successful mass production of these 650V SJ MOSFET products,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We aim to drive expansion in the electronics market through our extended product portfolio and rigorous quality control.”

Original – Magnachip Semiconductor