High surge currents have met their match in our 2200V rectifier, GP12022. This high-voltage standard recovery rectifier is designed for demanding industrial applications and harsh conditions.

With impressive features, including a forward current capability of 120A and a low forward voltage of 1.2V, this component maximizes efficiency in power conversion while minimizing energy losses.

MCC’s rectifier utilizes the compact yet powerful TO-264P package with a high creepage 2-pin design to ensure safety and reliability. Thermal performance and efficiency are built in, with the ability to easily be mounted on a heatsink for optimal heat dissipation and streamlined installation.

All these features add up to superior operation you can count on in harsh environments. But GP12022 is actually eco-friendly thanks to RoHS compliance, a lead-free finish, and halogen-free design.

Level up your high-voltage industrial designs with the MCC’s 2200V standard recovery rectifier.

Features & Benefits:

  • High forward surge current capability excels in demanding conditions
  • Low forward voltage minimizes energy losses
  • High creepage 2-pin TO-264P package enhances safety
  • Ideal for high-temp applications
  • Easy mounting to heatsink for faster installation
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Halogen-free with lead-free finish
  • RoHS compliant

Original – Micro Commercial Components