Power semiconductors are electronic components which are key enablers to tackling major challenges of decarbonization and digitization on the path to an energy-wise society.

This IEC White Paper establishes the critical role that power semiconductors play in various aspects of modern industry and in society – from renewable power generation and transmission, electromobility, automated factories, energy-efficient data centres to smart cities and smart homes. It covers the various expected trends, opportunities and challenges surrounding the power semiconductors industry. Significant challenges are mentioned such as the need for change in industry practices when transitioning from linear to circular economies, and shortage of skilled personnel required for power semiconductor development.

The white paper stresses the need for strategic actions at the policy-making level to address these concerns and calls for stronger government commitment, policies, and funding to advance power semiconductor technologies and integration. It demands recognition of the crucial role played by power semiconductors in global decarbonization efforts.

It further highlights the pivotal role of standards in removing significant technical risks, increasing product quality and enabling faster market acceptance. According to the authors, IEC can play a leading role in promoting collaboration among stakeholders, aligning methodologies, and ensuring that international and national standardization bodies work closely with industry. Additionally, the white paper delivers recommendations to IEC stakeholders for collaborative structures and accelerating the development and adoption of standards.

In a first for the IEC Market Strategy Board’s White Paper series, the authors aim to inspire the engagement of young professionals in the area.

This white paper has been prepared by a project team representing a variety of organizations, working under the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB). The project team included representatives from semiconductor network businesses, academia, equipment vendors from around the world, and IEC Young Professionals. Dr Kazuhiko Tsutsumi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and MSB Chair, served as the project sponsor. Dr Munaf Rahimo and Dr Iulian Nistor of MTAL GmbH served as coordinating authors and project partner.

Original – IEC