• Wolfspeed CEO Gregg Lowe Appointed to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Board of Trustees

    Wolfspeed CEO Gregg Lowe Appointed to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Board of Trustees

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    Wolfspeed, Inc. announced that CEO Gregg Lowe has been elected to serve on North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s (N.C. A&T) Board of Trustees. N.C. A&T is the nation’s No. 1-ranked historically black college or university (HBCU).

    “North Carolina A&T is proud of our continued strong partnership with Wolfspeed and the appointment of CEO Gregg Lowe to our Board of Trustees,” said N.C. A&T Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr. “Gregg’s leadership and extensive science and technology background will serve as a vital resource for our prestigious university. I look forward to working with him as we provide new opportunities for our students to pursue the next generation of careers in the green economy, drive innovation and look to solve the problems of both today and tomorrow.”

    “I am excited to join the North Carolina A&T Board of Trustees and to serve their students and community,” said Lowe. “Wolfspeed firmly believes in the power of students to change the world, and I’m eager to further strengthen our relationship while working together to usher in the next generation of scientists, technologists and innovators.”

    Wolfspeed and N.C. A&T share a rich history of partnership and collaboration. In 2020, Wolfspeed committed $4 million over five years to the HBCU, the single largest donation in the university’s history at that time, to create the Wolfspeed Endowed Scholars Program.

    The two entities worked together to establish comprehensive education and training curricula and cutting-edge research and innovation programs. This partnership has opened opportunities for undergraduate and graduate credentials in silicon carbide semiconductor manufacturing, as well as training and career advancement programs for existing semiconductor manufacturing workers.

    During President Biden’s visit to Wolfspeed headquarters earlier this year, Wolfspeed announced the continuation of this collaboration with their intent to apply for CHIPS and Science Act funding to build a new research and development facility on North Carolina A&T’s campus. The R&D facility will be focused on silicon carbide to support the next generation of advanced compound semiconductors.

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  • Infineon Adds New Devices in Superjunction MOSFET Family

    Infineon Adds New Devices in Superjunction MOSFET Family

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    In static switching applications, power designs focus on minimizing conduction losses, optimizing thermal behavior, and achieving compact and lightweight systems while ensuring high quality at a low cost. To meet the needs of next-generation solutions, Infineon Technologies AG is expanding its CoolMOS™ S7 family of high-voltage superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs.

    The devices are aiming at SMPS, solar energy systems, battery protection, solid-state relays (SSR), motor-starters and solid-state circuit breakers, as well as PLCs, lighting control, HV eFuse/eDisconnect, (H)EV on-board chargers.

    The portfolio extension includes innovative QDPAK top-side cooling (TSC) packages and offers a wide range of features in a small footprint. This makes it highly advantageous for low-frequency switching applications while optimizing cost positioning.

    Thanks to the novel high-power QDPAK packaging, they offer an R DS(on) of only 10 mΩ, which is the lowest on the market in this voltage class and the lowest in SMD packages. By minimizing conduction losses of the MOSFETs, the CoolMOS S7/S7A solutions contribute to higher overall efficiency and provide an easy and cost-optimized way to improve system performance.

    The CoolMOS S7 power switches also effectively manage heat dissipation with improved thermal resistance. Thanks to the innovative and efficient QDPAK packaging, they also reduce or even eliminate the need for heat sinks in solid-state designs, resulting in more compact and lighter systems.

    The MOSFETs are available in both top-side and bottom-side variants, and feature high-pulse current capability, enabling them to handle sudden surges of current. In addition, they exhibit body diode robustness to ensure reliable operation during AC line commutation.

    With fewer components required, they reduce part count, resulting in flexible system integration, lower BOM costs, and total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, these MOSFETs enable shorter reaction times, particularly when breaking a current, facilitating smoother and more efficient operation.

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  • Vitesco Technologies Honors Outstanding Suppliers

    Vitesco Technologies Honors Outstanding Suppliers

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    Vitesco Technologies has honored the exemplary performance of six of its around 17,000 suppliers worldwide. The awards were presented to suppliers of production and non-production materials for the 2022 fiscal year.

    The award ceremony took place at the Sorat Hotel in Regensburg on July 20, 2023. Andreas Wolf, CEO of Vitesco Technologies, and Peter Reidegeld, head of Purchasing & Supplier Quality Management, presented the awards to the representatives of the international suppliers. This was the second Supplier of the Year award ceremony at Vitesco Technologies, after the award was presented for the first time last year.

    Winners of the 2022 Supplier of the Year award

    The Supplier of the Year award is divided into four categories: in addition to the categories Passionate, Partnering and Pioneering – reflecting the corporate values of Vitesco Technologies – the manufacturer of sustainable drive solutions also presents a quality award for special achievements in product and supply chain quality.

    • Passionate: 

    Mansfield Group from Dongguan City, PR China (stamped parts)

    • Partnering: 

    ASIMCO Sealing Technologies from Nanjing, PR China (customized rubber seals)

    ROHM from Kyoto, Japan (semiconductors) 

    • Pioneering: 

    Ningbo Yunsheng from Ningbo, PR China (magnets)

    STX Group from Amsterdam, Netherlands (sustainability certificates)

    • Quality award

    TDK Electronics from Munich, Germany (sensors)

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