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  • KU Leuven and Flanders Tech Companies Collaborate

    KU Leuven and Flanders Tech Companies Collaborate

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    In response to the critical shortage of skilled engineers in semiconductor Integrated Circuit (IC) design and layout, Professor Patrick Reynaert of KU Leuven, in collaboration with several leading semiconductor companies in Flanders, Belgium, including members of Flanders Semiconductors, has launched a great initiative.

    Flanders is home to a multitude of commercial enterprises at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, playing essential roles in various electronic applications across industries such as automotive, medical, industrial, consumer, data center, optical, and space. Despite their ambitious growth plans, the semiconductor industry in Flanders faces a significant hurdle – a shortage of qualified engineers in IC design and layout.

    To address this challenge head-on, Professor Reynaert’s recent initiative introduces three comprehensive courses designed to coach individuals into proficient ‘chip designers.’ This program equips students with specialized skills essential for semiconductor industry roles, focusing on practical insights and real-world perspectives.

    Importantly, the courses are not just theoretically driven; they are developed and taught by experienced experts from Flanders’ leading semiconductor companies, including BelGan, Caeleste, easics, ICsense, imec, Melexis, Omnivision, and Sofics – all of whom are members of Flanders Semiconductors. This collaboration ensures that students gain industry-specific knowledge directly from those shaping the semiconductor landscape.

    Members of Flanders Semiconductors support this initiative, donating time and resources to make these courses accessible. We encourage prospective students to enroll and embark on a journey towards becoming the future leaders of semiconductor design. For more information about the courses and enrollment details, please visit KU Leuven’s website.

    Key points of this collaboration include:

    • The chip lab at KU Leuven and various companies whom are member of Flanders Semiconductors collaborating to offer new training programs for chip developers.
    • A significant shortage of chip developer profiles, especially due to European plans to reduce dependence on Asian and American chip companies.
    • Three courses are planned, with the first starting in January, 2024.

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  • Flanders Semiconductors The New Hub for Semiconductor Ecosystem at the Heart of Europe

    Flanders Semiconductors: The New Hub for Semiconductor Ecosystem at the Heart of Europe

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    A group of semiconductor companies in Flanders have come together to create Flanders Semiconductors, a new nonprofit organization representing the interests of the industry at local, European, and global levels. The organization is open to all qualifying companies, both in and outside of the Flanders region, that have semiconductor technology at the core of their business.

    Flanders Semiconductors is a significant move for the Flemish semiconductor industry, which currently employs well over 3,000 people directly, has more than 50 companies with semiconductor as their core business, and over 100 companies defining, testing, and integrating advanced customized semiconductor devices or technologies.

    Flanders Semiconductors covers the whole supply chain, including infrastructure, equipment, materials, processing, testing, and devices. The Flanders region also boasts world-class research facilities such as IMEC, universities, and institutes providing semiconductor R&D, education, and training. The objectives of Flanders Semiconductors are to increase the talent pool, share industry roadmaps, maintain a yearly business events calendar, and represent members’ interests at international levels. The organization will also market the region and its members internationally, to promote cooperation between members and to cooperate with similar organizations in Europe.

    Flanders Semiconductors is led by President Lou Hermans, who has over three decades of industry expertise, along with a team of seasoned semiconductor professionals. Together with the dedicated management team, their mission is to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and catalyze growth within the semiconductor ecosystem, both in Flanders and on a global scale.

    “We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of Flanders Semiconductors, poised to be(come) another important European hub for semiconductor innovation,” said Lou Hermans, President of Flanders Semiconductors. “Our founding members, including BelGan, Caeleste, Cochlear, easics, ICsense, NXP, Pharrowtech, Sofics, and Spectricity, have united to create a platform that champions the semiconductor industry’s interests at every level. I am deeply inspired and motivated by the drive, support, remarkable power and unity of the founding members. Our diverse community of present and future member companies, each bringing their unique solutions to the semiconductor industry, exemplifies the immense strength and boundless potential that collaboration holds.”

    Flanders Semiconductors welcomes all qualifying companies with semiconductors as their main business and is open to associate memberships for universities, R&D organizations, and non-qualifying companies.

    The grand unveiling of the Flanders Semiconductor association is set for September 13th in Leuven, Belgium and interested parties can join this special occasion. Registrations to secure a spot can be done at www.flanders-semiconductors.org

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