Resonac Corporation conducted a tour of its Packaging Solution Center (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), an R&D facility of backend process of semiconductor manufacturing, for 20 people, who were executives of semiconductor companies and leaders of academic societies and research institutions coming from US and European countries and taking part in the International Semiconductor Executive Summit (ISES) Japan Summit 2024 held in Tokyo from March 5th to 6th.

There were 150 participants in the ISES in total. PSC is an open innovation base for materials used in backend process, packaging and evaluation technologies, equipped with a full lineup of manufacturing equipment for advanced semiconductor packages. It is rare for a semiconductor material company to have such a base.

ISES is a summit meeting attended by executives and leaders of major semiconductor companies, equipment and material manufacturers, and academic societies and research institutions. Since 2010, it has been holding events in major regions such as the United States, Europe and Taiwan, and occupies an important position that influences industry trends and decisions as a platform for information exchange, strategy, and discussions on the direction of the semiconductor industry.

This time, it was held in Japan for the first time, and executives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and leading semiconductor manufacturers including Intel, TSMC, Samsung and AMD gave lectures in the event.

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of generative AI, further evolution of AI semiconductors is required, and semiconductor backend process technologies including 2.xD and 3D package technologies, materials and manufacturing equipment are attracting attention of semiconductor industry stakeholders all over the world. In addition, the cutting-edge backend process materials and manufacturing equipment are areas where Japanese manufacturers lead the world.

This time, the participants of the ISES Japan Summit considered it a valuable opportunity to visit the PSC, which is equipped with Japan’s cutting-edge backend process materials and manufacturing equipment, and see 2.xD, 3D packages and their manufacturing equipment, and took part in the tour after the end of the second day of the summit meeting.

Resonac will continue to actively utilize the PSC to work on research and development of next-generation semiconductor package materials and evaluation/implementation technologies, and accelerate co-creation with other companies.

Original – Resonac