It’s noteworthy that WeEn had already won the prestigious Haier COSMOPlat Excellent Supplier Award two years ago. Winning the supplier award again demonstrates WeEn’s leadership position in the market as an outstanding semiconductor supplier.

Both parties are excited about each other’s innovative potential as they promote closer collaboration, further signaling that WeEn will deepen and solidify its robust partnership with Haier COSMOPlat to accelerate the future of digital transformation across their industries.   

Dating back to the former NXP era, Haier COSMOPlat has been an important ecosystem partner for WeEn. In today’s uncertain environment, while joyful outcomes may be hard to come by, having a strong technical foundation as support provides both companies with more cooperation opportunities.

As Haier COSMOPIat pursues trends of domestic resource localization and diversification, WeEn has stood out with its high quality and stringent quality control standards. Its products not only meet COSMOPIat’s high demands for stability and reliability, but also receive strong endorsement from COSMOPIat’s customers for partnering with high-quality domestic suppliers to drive coordinated development. This positions WeEn well to capitalize on opportunities for business growth.

Since 2020, global semiconductor supply chains have been impacted, but WeEn has remained proactive in addressing challenges of upstream supply shortages. By adjusting strategic deployments ahead of time and continuously supporting Haier COSMOPIat’s supply needs, WeEn has further strengthened the partnership between the two companies.

Last year, both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Hannover Messe in Germany, establishing a strategic partnership based on mutual assistance and win-win cooperation. These initiatives comprehensively facilitate Haier COSMOPIat’s digital transformation, accelerating the upgrade of end-to-end competitiveness. Simultaneously, they lay a solid foundation for future collaboration between the two companies in new technologies and market domains.

The continued development of Haier COSMOPIat has brought new opportunities and challenges for both parties, especially in the areas of digital transformation and ecosystem empowerment. The business leader of Haier COSMOPIat stated, “WeEn is a leading player among Chinese power semiconductor suppliers, with extensive technological expertise and a global presence. Its products are characterized by high quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to WeEn’s unique position in the power semiconductor field, the range and diversity of products in the collaboration between the two parties continues to expand. The product line now spans from thyristors to power diodes, and further extends to TVS/ESD and silicon carbide product series. The level of cooperation is deepening continuously, showcasing the strong partnership between the two companies. In the future, we look forward to working hand in hand with WeEn to further explore the potential for cooperation and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry.”

Will Yin, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at WeEn, stated, “There is no doubt that digital transformation brings tremendous development potential to the power semiconductor industry.” WeEn looks forward to long-term cooperation with Haier COSMOPIat to embrace new opportunities and challenges brought by digitization, intelligence, and sustainability. Together, we will build diverse new development opportunities and jointly create new chapters of development in various fields. WeEn always stands at the forefront of industry development, leveraging a strong R&D and technical team to continuously strengthen the market sales and service team. This is to achieve steady growth in global business and contribute to industry transformation and innovation.

By the end of 2023, Haier COSMOPIat had established a new structure where the three business sectors of smart home controllers, diversified smart controllers across industries, and an industrial Internet platform in the electronics industry progressed simultaneously. COSMOPIat’s digital transformation has not only enhanced the agility of the supply chain but has also provided robust support for the industry’s digital transformation and upgrade through technological innovation and ecosystem empowerment.

In the future, WeEn will continue to focus on four major application areas: consumer electronics, renewable energy, big data, and automotive electronics. Leveraging its technological research and development strengths, WeEn will continue to expand investments in the power semiconductor field, actively increase production capacity, and grow together with its extensive customer base.

Original – WeEn Semiconductors