GlobalWafers held its board meeting to approve 2023 financial results.

FY2023 consolidated revenue reached NT$70.7 billion with YoY 0.5%; gross profit of NT$26.4 billion, with -12.9% YoY, gross profit margin of 37.4%, with -5.8% YoY; operating income of NT$20.1 billion, with -19.7% YoY, operating income margin of 28.4%, with -7.1% YoY; profit before tax of NT$26.5 billion, with 31.8% YoY, profit before tax margin of 37.5%, with 8.9% YoY; net profit of NT$19.8 billion, with 28.6% YoY, net profit margin of 28.0%, with 6.1% YoY; EPS reached NT$45.41, with an increase of more than NT$10 compared with the previous year.

FY2023 consolidated revenue grew in 3 concessive years and rose to the highest again! FY2023 EPS, profit before tax margin and net profit margin all hit record high.

Despite the semiconductor industry in 2023 facing a slowdown in global economic and consumer electronics demand, coupled with increased inventory pressure, GlobalWafers benefited from a high proportion of LTAs and maintained high utilization rates for FZ wafers and compound semiconductor wafers, achieving continued growth in revenue throughout the year.

Looking ahead to 2024, as terminal market inventories are gradually reabsorbed, AI features will progressively integrate into personal computers, tablets, and smartphones, potentially driving a wave of upgrades. In the meantime, the AI ecosystem relies on supports from peripherals and semiconductor components, fueling demands for edge computing, high-performance computing (HPC) and spurring the development of low-power consumption-related components (SiC, ULLD, IGBT…).

More innovations are expected to be introduced, such as 5G, electrification, smart cockpits, and autonomous driving, contributing to the growth momentum in the semiconductor market. Besides, policies related to energy transition and net-zero carbon emissions in various countries have laid a long-term foundation for the development of compound semiconductors. In 2024, the market is expected to gradually recover, with memory leading the way in releasing signals.

However, the pace and extent of economic recovery depend on various factors, including different terminal applications and global economic uncertainties such as war, rising shipping costs, interest rate changes, and exchange rate fluctuations. Positioned in the upstream of the semiconductor industry, GlobalWafers anticipates a recovery a quarter or two later than downstream and expects a healthier performance in the second half of the year compared to the first half, considering that customers will prioritize depleting existing inventories.

With a comprehensive product spectrum ranging from 3” to 12” semiconductor wafers, GlobalWafers is able to cater for customers’ needs to cope with market fluctuations of individual products. Moreover, the Company has carried out expansion plans to get ready for the acceleration toward advanced processes.

GlobalWafers has become a long-term partner of customers with its focus on sustainability and the unique advantages of highly regionalized deployment that allows the Company to supply products in proximity, reducing the carbon footprint and the impact of carbon tariffs, while also mitigating geopolitical risks. With flexible asset allocation and a sound financial structure, GlobalWafers is resilient to market volatility and continues to create profits through prudent operations.

Original – GlobalWafers