Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation will move its semiconductor business unit and its research and development (R&D) center to a new building in Toshiba Corp’s Komukai Complex in Kawasaki. It will also be home to Toshiba’s Corporate R&D Center, strengthening synergy within Toshiba Group’s R&D organizations. 

The new building will provide spaces for exhibitions and other events open to people from outside the company, as well as collaboration spaces for co-creation with customers. It will create an environment customers can feel free to visit, and promote new ways of working unconstrained by typical workplace limitations. 

Virtually all energy will be derived from renewable, and CO2 emissions from power consumption will target zero, contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality.

Division names:      Semiconductor Division and Electronic Devices & Storage R&D Center
Address:                 1, Komukai-Toshiba-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-8583, Japan
Phone number:      +81-44-548-2000 (switchboard; no change)
Relocation date:     January 22, 2024

The address of the Storage Products Division and the company’s registered address remain unchanged, as below.

Storage Products Division
8, Shinsugita-cho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 235-8522, Japan

Registered headquarters
1-1, Shibaura 1-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Original – Toshiba