Due to the positive development of the market capitalization, the Siltronic share is rejoining the MDAX index today. After several months in the SDAX, the Siltronic AG share is once again represented in the second most important index of the German stock exchange. Additionally, Siltronic shares will remain part of the TecDAX.

Throughout the year, Siltronic’s share price was negatively impacted by the market weakness in the semiconductor industry, which led to its descent to the SDAX in June 2023. Since then, the share price has steadily recovered, and the company’s market capitalization has increased significantly.

Dr. Michael Heckmeier, CEO of Siltronic, commented on this development: “The re-inclusion of Siltronic in the MDAX reflects investors’ confidence in our future prospects and our continued growth. This underscores the robust share price performance of recent months.”

Siltronic’s inclusion in the MDAX is part of Deutsche Börse AG’s regular quarterly review. The decision is based on the market capitalization of the freely tradable shares, i.e. the free float market capitalization.

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