DISCO Corporation has developed a new ABC (Auto Blade Changer) that can automatically replace hubless blades as an optional function, and it is currently available for purchase. This function is planned to be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2023 (December 13 – 15, Tokyo Big Sight).

Developmental Background

Dicing saws were originally developed to singulate fully-manufactured semiconductor wafers, but in recent years, dicing saws are also being used in applications such as package dicing following resin molding (QFN packages, etc.), passive component dicing such as condensers and inductors, and dicing optical parts that use glass.

When dicing silicon wafers, the blade used is called a hub blade, and it is attached to an aluminum hub. The Auto Blade Changer (ABC), an automatic replacement function for these hub blades, was developed and has been sold by DISCO since 2005, and has contributed to the improved productivity of the dicing process and the reduction of human errors.

However, manual replacement by an operator was necessary to replace hubless blades that are widely used in applications such as package dicing as mentioned above. This newly developed ABC supports both hubless and hub blades, enabling automatic replacement regardless of the blade type.


The new ABC supports blade replacement of both hubless and hub blades.

  • Improves operation rates
    • Reduces downtime caused by waiting for the operator
  • Prevents human error
    • Reads the blade ID using a QR code, and automatically fills in values such as the blade exposure
  • Contributes to traceability
    • Records the blade lot ID used

Supported models

The new ABC can currently be installed in the following three equipment models.

DFD6342:A facing dual spindle dicing saw that supports Φ200 mm wafers
DFD6561:A facing dual spindle dicing saw that supports Φ300 mm wafers
DFD6755:A facing dual spindle dicing saw with two chuck tables specialized for package dicing

Original – DISCO