Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced that Atsushi Tomishima, an Expert at its Electronic Devices & Storage Research & Development (R&D) Center, is a recipient of a 2023 1906 Award from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The IEC is the world leader in evaluating and publishing international standards for electrical, electronic, and related technologies. The 1906 Award, created in 2006 and named for the year IEC was founded, honors the work of experts around the world whose work is fundamental to IEC and the execution of its important mission. The Award also recognizes recent and exceptional achievements—a project or other contribution—related to IEC’s activities that contribute in a significant way to advancing the Commission’s work.

Mr. Tomishima, a researcher in the Package Solution Technology Development Dept. at Toshiba’s Electronic Devices & Storage R&D Center, has been an expert member representing Japan on the IEC’s subcommittee on integrated circuit technology (TC47/SC47A) since FY2015. He also serves as an executive member of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) subcommittee of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, and has led the subcommittee’s activities, and consolidated numerous opinions and proposals on standardization.

At IEC’s EMC simulation modelling (SC47A WG2) and EMC measurement methods on Integrated circuit (WG9) working groups, he has elicited opinions from many countries, ensured a full understanding of each participant’s position, and summarized discussions. 

Through these activities, he received this award in recognition of his significant contribution to the efficient promotion of standardization in the semiconductor design and testing field. These international standards established by Mr. Tomishima’s activities allow us to accurately evaluate the noise characteristics of semiconductors themselves, greatly contributing to improving the quality of product design such as integrated circuits and automobiles.

Toshiba will continue to promote international standardization activities in the electric and electronic technologies areas.

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