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  • MCC Semi Expands Automotive MOSFET Portfolio

    MCC Semi Expands Automotive MOSFET Portfolio

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    MCC Semi expands its automotive MOSFET portfolio with the addition of four side-wettable flank components. Available in N-channel and P-channel options, these products deliver high power density in a compact DFN3333 package.

    Full AEC-Q101 qualification is just one way these MOSFETs ensure quality and reliability. Side-wettable flanks enable more reliable soldering during PCB assembly and allow manufacturers to perform automated optical inspections (AOI) to reduce costs while maintaining quality assurance.

    The P-channel MOSFETs MCGWF20P06YHE3 and MCGWF45P04HE3 leverage trench low-voltage (LV) technology and feature RDS(on) from 13mΩ to 26mΩ. And the N-channel solutions MCGWF60N04YHE3 and MCGWF60N06YHE3 utilize split-gate trench technology with RDS(on) from 3.9mΩ to 6mΩ.

    No matter which side-wettable flank MOSFET you choose, you can take advantage of versatility and performance for a diverse array of automotive electronic systems.

    Features & Benefits:

    • AEC-Q101 qualified
    • P-channel powered by trench low voltage (LV) technology
    • N-channel powered by split-gate trench (SGT) technology
    • Low RDS(on)
    • Side-wettable flanks ensure soldering stability
    • Automated optical inspection capability for cost-effective production
    • Compact yet high power density DFN3333 package

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