Axcelis Technologies, Inc. announced shipment of multiple Purion H SiC Power Series™ and the Purion M SiC Power Series™ ion implanter systems to leading power device chipmakers in Europe and Asia, and the closure of an Purion H200 SiC Power Series™ evaluation tool in Europe. Shipments include both evaluation and revenue systems and will be used in high volume production of power devices supporting automotive industry electric vehicle (EV) applications.

President and CEO of Axcelis Technologies Russell Low commented, “The power device market continues to grow rapidly and is a major driver of our growth globally. We are pleased to continue to support our customers’ fab capacity expansion and also excited about the opportunity to support our new customers with our market leading Purion Power Series ion implanters.”

Axcelis is the only implant supplier in the industry to offer a comprehensive solution to our power device manufacturing customers. The Purion Power Series™ family is uniquely suited to excel at power device applications due to its innovative platform that offers the flexibility to handle multiple wafer sizes (150mm, 200mm and 300mm), various substrate types (SiC, Si IGBT, GaN, and GaAs wafers) at various implant temperatures (cold, room temperature, warm and hot).

This is accomplished while delivering the industry’s highest throughput and capital efficiency. The Purion Power Series™ covers the full ion implant market space with the Purion H Purion Power Series™ for high current applications, the Purion H200 Power Series™ for high current medium energy applications, Purion M Power Series™ for medium current applications and the Purion XE Power Series™ for high energy applications.

Original – Axcelis Technologies