Resonac Corporation will take part in a consortium of semiconductor-related manufacturers named “Texas Institute for Electronics”, which is located in the state of Texas, USA. Resonac will be the first Japanese member of TIE as a semiconductor material manufacturer.

TIE is a non-profit organization led by The University of Texas at Austin, and consists of the public and private sectors including the state of Texas, semiconductor manufacturers, defense electronics manufacturers, national laboratories, and academic bodies.

Its aim is to advance the roadmap of cutting-edge semiconductor systems by five years (or more than two generations), and to develop them in the United States.. TIE’s strategic member companies include leading semiconductor manufacturers such as AMD, Inc., Micron Technology, Inc., Intel Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., etc.

Resonac was invited to participate as the strategic member from the materials manufacturers, as it was recognized by TIE for the comprehensive lineup of materials for the front-end and back-end processes used in advanced semiconductors, R&D organization specializing in semiconductor packaging “Packaging Solution Center,” and track record in operating the consortium “JOINT2” composed of semiconductor-related companies. TIE plans to launch a prototype line for wafer-scale 2xD and 3D advanced packaging starting from the second half of 2024.

Semiconductors support the lives of the people as social infrastructure. Development of leading-edge semiconductors to be used for AI and next-generation telecommunication requires cooperation between manufacturers of devices, materials, and equipment. Resonac will aim to cooperate with other companies through its participation in TIE, research and development of leading-edge technologies and contributions to solutions of problems concerning semiconductors.

Aiming to accomplish its purpose, “Change society through the power of chemistry,” Resonac will strive to promote co-creation, and contribute to improvement in semiconductors’ performance, which is needed by society.

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