Edgar Chen, the COO of PANJIT International Inc., will be interviewed by the chief editor of eefocus on July 11th at 15:00 at electronica China 2023. The interview will also be live-streamed online. The main focus of the interview will be on the market prospects of the semiconductor industry and the potential of PANJIT’s high-performance products in the electric vehicle, industrial control, and alternative energy sectors.

Are you curious about how PANJIT seizes opportunities and establishes a prominent presence in the automotive and industrial control markets despite the decline in consumer electronics demands? Interested in exploring PANJIT’s impressive range of high-power components like MOSFETs, IGBTs, SiC diodes, and power management ICs, along with the exciting opportunities they bring to alternative energy-related markets such as electric vehicles, charging stations, energy storage systems, and solar energy? Or perhaps you are interested in knowing about PANJIT’s key strengths and its product development strategy for the next few years?

Don’t miss the live-streamed interview on July 11th to gain valuable insights into the semiconductor industry!

Original – PANJIT International