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  • EPC Space Signed Distribution Agreement with Avnet

    EPC Space Signed Distribution Agreement with Avnet

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    EPC Space announced a distribution agreement with Avnet, a global distributor of electronic components and services. Avnet will be a global distributor for EPC Space’s line of radiation hardened (Rad Hard) GaN power devices qualified for satellite and high-reliability applications.

    EPC Space offers a family of Rad Hard power GaN devices that includes discrete transistors, Integrated Circuits (ICs), and Modules that offer significant performance advantages over competitive silicon-based space level power devices. EPC Space’s GaN technology devices are smaller, have lower resistance, and have superior switching performance compared to silicon-based components and solutions. 

    Critical spaceborne applications that benefit from the performance improvements that EPC Space devices offer include satellite’s DC-DC converters, reaction and momentum wheels, solar array drive assembly, micro-pumps for propulsion systems, and more.

    “Partnering with Avnet, a global leader in distribution solutions, allows EPC Space to offer timely and reliable service to customers seeking high reliability GaN power solutions,” said Bel Lazar, EPC Space’s CEO.

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